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Locally raised beef that tastes great and is good for you.


Did you know that natural grass fed beef has many great nutritional benefits that make it superior to store bought, feedlot beef? It’s lower in fat, higher in Omega 3, and much higher in Vitamin E than commercial feedlot beef. You can rest assured we have used no growth hormones or chemicals in our beef. They are grazing on the lush pastures along the Newaukum Creek near Enumclaw and in winter are fed quality hay from a local “certified organic” farm. For those of you who purchased our beef last year, I hope your freezer is getting empty, and you are ready to fill it up again.

The supply is limited. These cattle are harvested, on site from June through November.  They are available on a first come, first served basis.  They are available to purchase by the full side (half beef) or half side (1/4 beef), and are sold by the pound based on the hanging weight of the sides after slaughter.  The price is $3.65 per pound hanging weight to the farm, plus the processing fee to the butcher. The sides are given a tag number in the field and weighed in at the butcher. Normally these cattle will dress out at close to 60% of the live weight.  Here is an example of a typical breakdown.

Live Weight =1200 lbs. Hanging weight = approximately 700 lbs. (350 lbs per side). 350 lbs x 3.65 per pound =$1278 for a full side of beef, or $639 for a half side, plus the butcher fee, cut and wrapped and ready for your freezer. Obviously not all sides will be the same size so if you have a preference for a smaller or larger side please make a note on your order form. Also price does not include liver, heart, tongue or tail. These can be purchased separately but those who don't want them don't pay for them. Our meat is processed at Butcher Boys in Graham. It is aged for approximately 2 weeks in the cooler and then cut and wrapped. The butcher, will call you ad go over your cutting options with you and answer any questions about the butchering process. (Note: there is additional weight loss from de-boning, fat trimming and some shrinkage in the cut and wrap process from hanging weight amounting to approx. 40%). If you want large bones for your dogs just let them know. To reserve your beef a deposit is required; $200 for a half beef, $100 for a quarter beef.



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